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3 responses to “What’s On Your Mind?

  1. Janice Redford

    Hello, I am a water monitor on Koshkonong Creek in eastern Dane County. My team and I have spent 11-years monitoring the Creek water. Our concern is that Madison Metro Sewage is pumping tons of liquid sewage under the name MetroGrow into fields all over our area. These huge trucks are everywhere in this rural township (Christiana, Dane County). The trucks block the roads and bring toxic fumes to anyone nearby.
    This cannot be good for the ground water either. Are others dealing with this kind of human contamination plus CAFO wastes?


  2. Harriet

    We are seeing more evidence of weather changes. This Winter is so far very dry and this is happening throughout the state on a more regular basis . Lake Michigan and all the great lakes are seeing a significant lake level decrease. At the same time we are seeing an increase in CAFO usage of ground water via high capacity pumping used for irrigation and manure slurries ending up in monster sized manure pits.
    Other areas of the state are already facing this harsh reality (an example is Long Lake is now basically a “lost lake)!
    When will homeowners start to see their wells being impacted? Who will pay to dig new wells? Will this be another example of “externalized cost” to the homeowner/taxpayer?


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