County Board and Township action on illegal burning

Illegal burning is a major issue of concern for KewauneeCares. From our perspective, the responsibility keeps getting passed back and forth among State and local leaders. Meanwhile, illegal burning continues without any enforceable measures in place to deter it. In the interest of providing a fair and balanced discussion of the topic, we have copies of two resolutions passed this year by the township leaders and the County Board. After you read these resolutions, we’d like to know what you think. So please comment. Just type in AGREE or DISAGREE if that’s all you care to share. Of course we’d like to know more about what people think and this is the perfect forum to share opinions.

The first resolution was in March, 2011 by the Kewaunee County Board of Supervisors.

County Board resolution

Resolution certification

The second resolution came in August, 2011 by the Kewaunee County Unit of the Wisconsin Towns Association.

Burning Ordinance Resolution

Burning Ordinance Resolution pg 2


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