‘O’ my!

I’m not a regular reader of O, The Oprah Magazine, but when someone suggested that I read an article about CAFOs in the November 2011 issue it peaked my interest. CAFOs in O, really?

The article entitled, “This Is Not Farming” by Kathy Dobie tells how and why a woman in rural Michigan works tirelessly to expose the truth about the effects of factory farms on the environment and health of people in her community. For her work, Lynn Henning has received the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize given to just six”environmental heroes” from six regions of the world.

But she’s not done. Lynn continues to monitor area streams for contamination caused by manure runoff “because it’s applied so heavily and the soil is so compacted that it simply rolls off the land and into the creeks, especially after a rainfall. But most often it enters through underground pipes or tiles,” the article states.

Find a copy of the November issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, and read what could very well be happening under our own noses.


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  1. Peggy Golden

    I was shocked when, just by chance, I picked up a copy of “O” magazine and inside was a story about the countryside where I grew up, Lenawee County, Michigan. “This is NOT Farming” is an eye-opening story about life as it is happening today.


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