Thank you SHIFT

You’ve seen them all summer long on Algoma’s Crescent Beach with pitch forks, shovels and wheel barrows removing the algae that washes up on the beach. The organization, hard work and commitment to stewardship by Lia Montgomery and numerous volunteers, plus the work of Algoma city workers with their heavy-duty beach cleaning equipment is greatly appreciated. Although the algae accumulation persists, the beach cleanings draw attention to the issue and represent the pride people have in the community. Thank you.


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  1. Lia Montgomery

    Thank you for the post! Awareness is the first step in dealing with any issue. SHIFT is trying to take back the Lake by empowering people to take action in their own community. Together we can find the answer to problems we thought were beyond our control. I know KewauneeCARES is getting out the message that WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


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