Old Arsenic Spill Gets New Attention

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is cleaning up contaminated soil along the Ahnapee Trail just north and west of Kewaunee. The spill resulted from a train derailment in the 1940s and has remained a source arsenic contamination in the Kewaunee Marsh area ever since.

Here’s a flyer from WDNR explaining the problem and the cleanup process.

Kewaunee Marsh Cleanup brochure

The treatment consisted of the following four steps:
  • spraying the excavated material with a hydroxide peroxide solution to convert the arsenite to arsenate
  • Mixing in ferric sulfate to precipitate (to form an insoluble solid) ferric arsenate
  • Adding limestone to neutralize the reacted material
  • Finally, adding bentonite to reduce the permeability (ability to transmit water) of the treated material

Spraying hydrogen peroxide solution

Final Restoration


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One response to “Old Arsenic Spill Gets New Attention

  1. Harriet

    Very interesting. At least part of my tax dollars was put to good use!


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