No egg on their face

McDonald’s Corporation and Target made the right decision by firing the Iowa-based chicken CAFO that had been supplying their eggs. A report on ABC’s 20/20 revealed health violations and mistreatment of animals, making it a no-brainer for these fast food and merchandising giants to find a new egg source. The report’s opening video showed a locked gate at the entrance to the factory farm and stated that “CAFOs like to operate in secrecy”. When such egregious violations come to the attention of the general public, though, the secret is out.  CAFOs operate under and must abide by health and safety regulations. However,  enforcement and fines for violations are no match for the financial penalty that results from public awareness of bad production practices fueled by greed.

CAFOs should not be allowed to operate behind a curtain of money.  They must be held accountable for practices that disrespect animal life, mock the stewardship of water and land, and knowingly harm the health of the people they depend on to purchase their products.

Thank you McDonald’s and Target for taking responsible action. Of course, all eyes will be watching to see who will be your next supplier.


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