Agricultural Conundrum

by Dale Goodner

There was a smear, a dirt veneer,

upon our planet’s face…

And on this muck through skill and luck

evolved the human race.

We till and toil, to work the soil,

then sow selected seeds,

then we pray, come harvest day,

our crops will meet our needs.

And when we’re stressed with crawlin’ pests,

and weeds are all about,

we tan their hides with pesticides,

and keep them vermin out.

The wind and rain may rob our claim

and haul away some ground,

that silt and clay has got a way

of turning rivers brown.

The surface tilt’s been claiming silt

fer decades so it seems,

as time flows by it’s multiplied

those mired and murky streams.

In future years, with no-one here,

all gone without a trace,

the Earth all clean, what will it mean?

…we washed our planet’s face!



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4 responses to “Agricultural Conundrum

  1. Harriet

    Wonderful poem from Mr. Goodner
    I hope it will not be such an ending…but history certainly tells us that our species makes the same mistakes over and over again.


  2. Dan

    The issues concerning Pagel’s 13 million gallon pit, concern all Kewaunee residents. Thank you to the concerned residents in the Birchwood area that have the courage to speak up, both on TV and in the Green Bay Gazette. While Kewaunee seems ultra concerned about wind turbines in our area, for the most part Big Ag has not been questioned. For myself and my family, we find it highly ironic that the protesting wind turbine signs, usually in close proximity to the local CAFO, say things like: “lowers property values”, “threatens groundwater”, “hurts communities”, “Health and Safety Risks”…sounds like concerns every rural citizen should have–concerning concentrated animal feeding operations?! The real issue in this debate is not NIMBY (not in my backyard)–but rather, how many of these factory farms can our community as a whole, have? We currently have 15…with many “expansions” taking place as well…When is enough-enough? When is it too Much? Rural Wisconsin citizens deserve better then Industrial sized Agriculture reducing quality of life for thousands of residents who have sought the good life, the American dream,fresh country air and beautiful countryside…. I’m not willing to give up air quality, water quality, and the quality of our lives and health for the ever expanding bloat of these mega farms. Kewaunee is currently farming millions and millions of gallons of waste…with a little dairy and beef on the side.Hopefully this community will wake up before we become the Gary, Indiana of Industrial farming. Birchwood our family supports you.


  3. Tim

    The above commentary makes complete sense to me…
    Thanks to “Dan” for the logical and sensible approach to help understand the real problem in Kewaunee Co.


  4. Joe

    Many times the word “eco-terrorism” has bounced around in the media. I thought it referred to corporate entities or individuals that pollute and destroy the natural environment. My dictionary says otherwise. It refers to entities that try to stop such action using illegal means. If pollution is illegal in the first place but laws do not stop it, then it would seem that governmental entities are also “eco-terrorists” joined “hand in glove” with the polluters!
    “What a tangled web we weave for which we will all grieve” (sooner or later)!


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