This picture (toilet in creek below ice) is perfect social commentary on how some people just don’t give a c#@p!

With all the attention we’ve been giving to the manure issue in Kewaunee County, we have to remind ourselves there are many other ways people pollute the very water on which they depend. Breummerville Park, just west of Algoma where Freemont Street meets Willow Road at the Silver Creek dam was the chosen dumping ground here.

Are people really so uncaring, unaware and uneducated to do this? I know, the answer is YES. Kewaunee Cares has a lot of work ahead of us.



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2 responses to “Really?

  1. Harriet

    Disgusting. Perhaps the miscreant who did this does not care about what message this sends his children and grandchildren and other families…or perhaps he has not reproduced (and that may be a good thing)!


  2. Rod

    Perhaps the perpetrator of this type of crime is trying to share with the public the c#@p in his own gene “pool”!


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