Compromise May Be Smaller Than It Appears

A meeting held Tuesday, December 27 by the town board of West Kewaunee gave residents an opportunity to voice their concerns over construction of a 13 million gallon manure pit proposed by Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy (see original post Industrial Strength Agriculture Threatens This Community). The size and proximity of the pit to houses plus the numerous concerns for air and water quality in the area have nearby residents and others feeling that even a compromise by Pagel will not be enough.

A common practice in the real estate development business is to propose developments much larger than actually intended. This usually gets people all excited and at community hearings they voice their opposition to such outrageous plans. Knowing that the original proposal will be rejected, the developer comes back with a “compromise” plan hoping to assuage the opposition. Seeing that the developer has modified the plans from the original, the opposition most times lessens or cancels their efforts as a result of the”great compromise” which was the developer’s real desire for the scale of the project. Too often this tactic works and the developers laugh at the locals and government officials for falling for the “scaled-down” option.

Pagel has been given one month to come back to the Board with alterations to his plan. In our opinion, at that time the opposition should also have their resolve to protest sustained and their facts and questions ready to counter any compromise. People living near the area in question have an equal right to see that real compromise is achieved. You don’t want to be looking in the rear view mirror as you drive away from your homes knowing that more could have been done to prevent the project from moving ahead.

Refuse to be manipulated and continue your fight to preserve your community.


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