Try Natural Cleaners for Better Water Quality

It’s often easy and convenient to blame industry and agriculture for air and water quality issues. However, there are things we all can do to reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals that go into our environment. From time to time Kewaunee Cares will feature more earth- and people-friendly alternatives to the manufactured cleaning products and processes we all use.

Let’s start with clogged drains. Chemical drain cleaners can be harmful if spilled on the skin and fumes can irritate the eyes and nose. Once these products are down the drain and out of our homes we tend to forget about their effects on the environment. Chemical drain cleaners change the pH (acidity) of water which can be harmful to fish and overall water quality.  Those on septic systems should avoid using chemical drain cleaners because they kill the bacteria necessary for proper function of the septic system.

For a safer, natural drain clearer try this recipe:

1/2 cup SALT



Pour the salt, then the baking soda down the drain and leave this mixture sit for several hours or overnight if possible. Then pour the boiling water down the drain to clear the clog and rinse the drain.


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