Planning Is Key to A Sustainable Community

The goal of comprehensive community planning is to protect its resources and the general safety and well-being of its population. To ensure sustainability, communities spend a lot of time and money putting plans in place to guide their decisions on land use and development. In the Comprehensive Plan of the Town of West Kewaunee, it looks like they’ve put together a solid framework when it comes to protecting its natural resources.

In light of all the controversy surrounding a proposal to install a 13 million gallon manure pit in the area, it seems the prudent course of action for the Town of West Kewaunee is to follow its own policies. The following section comes directly from their Comprehensive Plan.

Agricultural, Natural & Cultural Resources Agenda

1. Preserve the natural resource base, primary environmental corridors, and surrounding agricultural lands, which contribute to the maintenance of the ecological balance, natural beauty, and economic well-being of the Town.
2. Protect floodplains and other areas having severe soil restrictions from development through local ordinances.
3. Protect groundwater and develop programs to ensure the long-term viability of the aquifer as a source of potable water.
4.Encourage the proper handling of wastes and chemicals so that they produce a minimum effect upon ground and surface water.
5. Regulate the type of commercial and industrial development to minimize the chances of groundwater contamination.
6. Discourage development that will interfere with important natural resources, including area lakes and rivers.
7. Provide zoning that supports local family farm operations and small specialty farms to maintain agriculture as a productive part of the rural landscape.
8. Discourage the development of large-scale farms on unsuitable soils or near populated areas where groundwater is used.
9. Maintain the rural character by:
  • Limiting residential development to areas with soils to support foundations and wastewater systems.
  • Communicating with local farmers who want to sell their property about options available through land trusts and conservation development design techniques.

Source: Kewaunee Communities Comprehensive Plan – Town of West Kewaunee – Implementation Chapter

I’m sure the citizens of the Town of West Kewaunee are glad to have such an insightful plan in place. We’d hope the current town leaders have the courage and vision to make the plan work for benefit of all they serve, rather than a few who stand to profit at the cost of others and their resources.


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