Know Your Watershed

The Kewaunee River Watershed contains 295 miles of streams and rivers and 7,313 acres of wetlands. It all drains toward Lake Michigan. Groundwater supplies in the county are derived from three sources . These sources include the unconsolidated surficial materials deposited by glacial ice, the Silurian dolomite aquifer, and the St . Peter and Cambrian sandstone aquifer . The watershed area is dominated by agriculture (75%) and is ranked high for nonpoint source issues affecting streams and groundwater.

This information comes from the 2011 Kewaunee River Watershed Water Quality Update published by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and UW Extension. The report defines the geography and geology of the area and provides historical and scientific background about one of Wisconsin’s key watersheds. It also describes the needs and remedies to keep the waters and habitats viable for generations to come. Go to the link below to read the entire report.

The more we know about the water we share, the more we can find common ground in our efforts to protect it.


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