Blowin’ In The Wind

For over 50 years farmers have been encouraged to practice conservation tillage. That meant plowing along the contour of the land, installing grassed waterways, planting cover crops to protect the soil during winter or installing windbreaks with tree plantings. These methods were intended to slow down water erosion and to leave crop stubble intact to protect the soil from wind erosion. In many agricultural areas, soil loss from wind erosion amounts to several tons per acre per year.

Since we’ve had little snow cover and high winds some farmers will be left with a little less top soil come Spring. The soil left behind from the black drifts in the ditches will follow the drainage path to the rivers, streams and eventually the lake. Plus, any nutrients,contaminets and pathogens from crop residue or the liquid manure applied to the fields before winter will be carried with the wind blown soil and runoff.

Drive along any roadway in Kewaunee County right now and you’ll see what’s shown in these submitted photos.

Photos by Hank



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3 responses to “Blowin’ In The Wind

  1. Erosion carries the contaminants of CAFO’s across the countryside… The smell of CAFO digested liquid manure is hard to describe. It’s nasty, and unlike normal farm poop. Not a strong smell, but ubiquitous in autumn as they spill it over the ground seemingly everywhere. Watersheds shouldn’t be saturated with antibiotics, hormones, and nitrates. Plus… I don’t like seeing animals treated in this way… an industrial commodity. Doesn’t reflect any sense of respect for critters. The word that comes to mind is “creepy.” Organic family farms are far more sustainable and provide many times more “jobs.” But they don’t work for any large corporations… that’s the “problem” these days. This is just one more “cash cow” the cabal of corporate cronies have claimed.



  2. Lois

    I am very concerned. My family and I see this type of wind erosion when traveling around Kewaunee Co. We now see the snow melting and water running towards our lakes and rivers..I shudder at the thought of what that means.
    Where is the training that goes into farming? Are all the bitter lessons of the past forgotten and then made worse with technology and subsidies.
    We need help folks! This is not earth friendly and it is not sustainable.
    Drive on dear husband….faster please….I said fassster …to cleaner greener pastures where “ugly” is left behind!


  3. Scott

    Ambient air pollution from manure spreading is truely a threat to human health. As these larger farms set up irrigation systems to spray their “nutrients”, one can only imagine what is being carried throughout the air we are all breathing. A friend here recently told me of her father’s recent surgery to address what was a strange viral fungus in his lungs-that had to be removed. Should we all be concerned about the continuing failing air quality in Kewaunee County? Your pictures clearly portray the reality of toxicity blowing in the wind.


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