To get the right answers…

…you have to ask the right questions.



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6 responses to “To get the right answers…

  1. Anonymous

    Factory farms have a very negative impact on communities. If any person doubts this, please do some homework. The education can start with a google search or by reading the book “Animal Factory” by author David Kirby.
    Be prepared to get the real story behind the concrete and steel animal concentration camps called CAFO’s (confined animal feeding operations) and the end result on air, surface and ground water and soil. Get the facts behind the so called “manure lagoons”. Learn why the public has to be aware and demand quality governmental oversight free from the corrosive power of “big money.


  2. gloria derksen

    I’m reading “Animal Factory” now. Very compelling


    • Herman H.

      A great new book is available at the Algoma Public Library. The name of the volume is “CAFO”.
      I encourage you to look it over and be prepared for some shocking pictures but also find a wealth of good reading material that will educate you on the incredible amount of money you are providing to the CAFO industry via the USDA and your State.
      Some nuggets you will encounter are: Ag Gag rules; Who recommends what you and your family should eat (it is not the National Institute of Health), and much much more!


  3. Herman H.

    We need local control over the gigantic manure wagons that use and abuse our highway systems and we need local control over the malignant spread of factory farms across the face of Kewaunee Co.
    I understand that the Town of West Kewaunee does have a board of Supervisors that are showing signs of real leadership and are working to address some of these issues for their taxpaying citizens.
    Hats off to W. Kewaunee and I hope others will follow their example of leadership.


  4. Abby H.

    Great billboard…everyone needs to be more aware of what factory farms are doing to our environment and health and especially our precious Lake Michigan!


  5. Polluted air and water and has the pollution spread to the Public Trust Doctrine?
    This doctrine states that no individual or corporation has the right to pollute and defile that which belongs to all.
    Time to awaken and work together…we can do it.


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