National Ad Promotes Return to Sustainable Farming

Tonight’s Grammy Awards presentation didn’t capture my full attention, but an ad with a powerful anti-factory farming message sure did. Burrito chain, Chipotle Mexican Restaurant makes a bold statement with its ad promoting the return to sustainable farming practices. Aired first on line and in theatres last August, the animated film by Johnny Kelly, with Willie Nelson singing Coldplay’s “The Scientist,” shows the rise, and what Chipotle hopes will be the fall, of factory farming. The ad tells the story of a family farmer who starts cramming animals into crowded pens, pumping them full of hormones and polluting the environment. In the end his conscience prevails and he returns to his roots as a sustainable farmer, with the song lyrics saying “I’m going back to the start”. The ad finishes with a sign saying Cultivate A Better World. Chipotle encourages viewers to download the song at iTunes, with the proceeds benefiting the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation. Take a look.


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  1. Keep putting out such information. It is interesting all the places that are saying what needs to be said. Great info for the blog.


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