Find Out More About CAFOs

If you haven’t yet browsed the book CAFO — The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories at the Algoma Public Library, search it on the internet. Here’s a quick link to the website:

Also, use this list of topics to consider, understand and learn more about. When you type in your search topic, precede it with the word CAFO, i.e., (CAFO,air and water quality). It’s amazing how much you’ll find and how one site builds on the next.

1. Air and Water Quality

2. Karst Topography

3. Irrigation systems and high capacity wells

4. Damaged infrastructure

5. Liability for clean-up

6. Reduced property values

7. Immigrant worker issues

8. Moratorium on CAFO expansion

9. Lack of enforcement and oversight

10. Antibiotics and Hormones in manure


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  1. Laura Hammer

    I am currently reading the Cafo book and I also have Fatal Harvest; the tragedy of Industrial Agriculture. Both are exellent reads and I will be returning them on the 24th of April. Must reads for anyone concerned.


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