Lasting Positive Change Needs Facts and Passion

It was about a year ago that we had the inspiration to start the Kewaunee Cares blog. After writing about water and air pollution, sustainable agriculture, beach closings and other topics of interest, it’s clear there’s a need for the factual information this site provides.

I recently attended a meeting on beach conditions in Northeast Wisconsin sponsored by the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission. The results of testing for e-coli bacteria in the water and sand were presented and discussed. While residents passionately expressed their opinions as to the source of pollution varying from geese, to municipal sewage to agricultural runoff, it was clear that their positions weren’t completely fact based. It is that passion of a community to care enough about the future of its resources that inspires Kewaunee Cares to provide topics of discussion supported by research and science.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion. But throwing around misconceptions and misinformation will not solve the problems facing the safety and sustainability of Kewaunee County’s natural resources and its communities. Thank you for reading the blog and caring enough to make a positive impact on the social, economic and environmental issues that concern our community.

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