You Make The Call

When bad things happen to good people and the land, air and water we share, what should you do? RECORD and REPORT.

Here’s a step by step list to keep in mind every time you see something that could be a violation of state or local laws and ordinances.

1. Call the County Sheriff at 1-920-388-3100. This assures there will be at least documentation of your report.

2. Call the WDNR Tip Line at 1-800-847-9367 (TIP-WDNR).  You can even text your report.  Just text: TIPWDNR (space) followed by your brief report of the suspected violation to 847411(tip411). This provides another layer of documentation of a violation.

3. Call one of the two Conservation Wardens in Kewaunee County. Darren Kuhn 920-304-0991 or Dave Allen 920-412-2267.

4. Keep a journal. Record incidents in a personal log noting the violation, the date of the violation, who you spoke with and any comments or response you received.

5. Take photos or video. A picture is still worth a thousand words. This step adds visual authenticity to your verbal complaint.

6. Follow up. It is very important to ask for written proof of a response to the incident you reported (i.e. note of non-compliance) or any other responses that take place. Add this information to your journal.

7. Continue to monitor the problem and draw in support groups such as a neighborhood watch as well as friends, family and neighbors who share your concerns. Make sure they have this list too.

8. Take responsibility for the place you call home. Choosing not to respond to a violation raises the risk of future violations. Silence is a form of consent.

9. Be accurate and thorough about the details of your observations.

Thank you for caring about the health and well-being of the people, environment and economy of Kewaunee County.


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One response to “You Make The Call

  1. Herman H.

    Thank you for sharing a disciplined approach the caring citizen can use to act as the eyes and ears of the community.
    Here is the hope that the sleeping giant called the “general public” will wake up to the challenge of taking back their community from the forces of indifference and outright greed.


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