Kewaunee County is a wildflower wonderland…for now.

An article in the New York Times once touted Kewaunee County, Wisconsin as one of the best places in the country to see a colorful and diverse growth of native wildflowers. Here are photos of some which are easy to spot and some getting harder and harder to find. Amazingly, the county feels the need to keep the paths in parks and the Ahnapee and Ice Age Trails open by spraying with chemicals that kill everything in sight. Not only does that take away yet another tourist attraction for the county, it also adds to the chemical pollution destroying the quality of our main tourist attraction, the water.

So enjoy these beautiful flowers while we still have them.

“I know that our bodies were made to thrive only in pure air and the scenes in which pure air is found.” — John Muir, naturalist and conservationist

Spring Beauty


Dutchman’s breaches

Wild ginger

Marsh marigold

Large trillium

Wood violets


Last year, this trail was sprayed on both sides with herbicide. The wildflowers didn’t come back this year, but dandelions did.


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