DNR Writes Fewer Tickets

The chart above appeared in an April 29th article in the Wisconsin State Journal. These numbers are just opposite of what seems to be needed at this time of big dairy expansion. DNR Secretary, Cathy Stepp, says she won’t apologize for taking the Department in a direction of more customer service. Rather than write tickets, they choose to sit down and talk to the violators about what they’ve done. That simply means there is more to be lost by pursuing violators of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, than gained in environmental protection and human health. Special interest involvement and influence on the state government has a strangle hold on the DNR.

Read the entire article linked below. Then write to the editor of the State Journal with your opinion on how the DNR is doing. http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/environment/shift-in-philosophy-dnr-writing-fewer-tickets/article_dbfe52f6-91f8-11e1-9e2b-001a4bcf887a.html

As Secretary Stepp put it in the article, “judge us by our actions”. We are, and you’re not serving the best interest of the people of Wisconsin. You are serving those “special” interests  who support turning a blind eye to the huge environmental mess being made right under your nose. That’s our opinion.



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3 responses to “DNR Writes Fewer Tickets

  1. Nancy

    Even Cathy Stepp’s choice of words, that is, that the DNR wants to “collaborate” with violators, sounds criminal. That’s right, your collaboration means less regulatory enforcement. The citizens and the environment are the real victims paying the price for the DNR’s new business friendly atmosphere here in Wisconsin that puts business interests before people and the beautiful natural resources found here . Oh, and I am not one of the “whisperers” Ms. Stepp refers to in the Wisconsin State Journal–here in Kewaunee County we’ve been shouting from the roof-tops for the DNR to respond, document, and enforce–in short, do your job. The DNR for far too long has banked its ineptness on the fact that it “lacks money and manpower” to effectively do its job. These excuses will not suffice for those of us who want communities and the environment protected. Time to Step(p) up enforcement Secretary!


  2. Herman H.

    Totally “right on”!
    Ms. Stepp shows very clearly the “misStepping” going on at the highest levels of political “gamemanship” coming from state government.

    This type of game will continue as long as special interest money keeps finding the right pockets.


  3. Hank

    The DNR, under this Walker regime, is morphing into “Department of Negligible Regulation.” They have clearly lost sight of who their actual “customers” are. Maybe they think the special interests give them more money than “we the people” do… ergo… more important customers? Or could it be that they’re on the take? One thing is clear, Wisconsin needs people in government who are true public servants, and who are allowed to do their jobs, particularly where environmental quality is concerned.


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