Free Public Seminar

The Door County Environmental Council seminar series at “Crossroads at Big Creek” will begin on Wednesday, May 23rd at 7:00 p.m. with a powerful documentary titled BLUE GOLD” World Water Wars Coming.

This is a very graphic video presentation about the worldwide water crisis that is affecting many nations now and will increase drastically as the population rises and global temperature changes modify our world fresh water supply. “Blue Gold” the exciting documentary, explains the long-range plans that oil barons have been developing to control water resources all over the planet as the oil profit diminishes.

Prominent and powerful people in Washington and in other countries have been buying up huge parcels of land bordering fresh water lakes in South America to give them unlimited access to the water rights and ultimate control over access to use the water.

This film is a sobering warning for our future generations about the dangers of privatization of essential public resources, and you will witness first-hand the resulting disaster when someone else owns the water you must have to live.

This must-see documentary by Sam Bozzo is sponsored by the Door County Environmental Council and will be presented at “Crossroads at Big Creek” Environmental Center at 2041 Michigan St., Sturgeon Bay, on Wednesday May 23rd at 7:00 p.m.



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2 responses to “Free Public Seminar

  1. Maggie

    Someone recently said to me “water will be the price of gold”


    • Herman H.

      In the last Peninsula Pulse issue 13, volume 18, of June 15th-June 22nd there was an interesting article on page 7 called “Against the Wind”! The article lists the dangers of clean wind power and how wind turbines cause health problems from whirling blades and flicker! The article also talks about how these opponents to clean energy wind farms claim nearby property values will drop by as much as 40 percent for property owners near wind turbines.
      I wonder how this group may quantify property value loss that may be related to polluted wells, ground and surface water pollution, plus foul smelling air. Property owners living in Karst bedrock areas in townships like Town of Lincoln and Red River are prime examples, especially if they live next to factory farm operations.
      What makes the article even more interesting is the stated amount of revenue that the Wisconsin Public Service and the Madison Gas and Electric Company feeds into our county. Here are some examples listed: Over 30 years WPS will generate an estimated $200,000 for Lincoln Township and $375,000 for Kew. Co. The Madison Gas and Electric Co. pays $19,000 PER year to Kewaunee Co., $22,235 to Red River Township, and $19,765 to Lincoln Township and maintenance costs are borne by the utility industry.
      Very interesting, and hopefully something the property owners of Kewaunee Co. will discuss in detail when they talk to their elected officials and neighbors and they discuss the risks of windmills versus factory farms.
      Both issues need attention based on sound research and appropriate ordinances written before Kewaunee Co. citizens receive more unexpected surprises.


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