Water Protection Priorities Must Start with Lawmakers

The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters (WLCV) issued a report from its 2009-2010 Conservation Lobby Day in Madison. The report leads off. “Clean and safe drinking water is essential to Wisconsin’s families, farms, businesses, and communities. Whether we realize it or not, the groundwater flowing beneath our feet is key to sustaining our life and economy. The safety of our drinking water is not something we’re accustomed to thinking about when we turn on the tap, take a shower, wash our dishes, or drink a soda. However, in recent years, Wisconsinites in some regions of the state are increasingly experiencing the connection between everyday life and groundwater quality firsthand.”

To read the full report go the following link: WLCV_Priorities_2009

Each year more information about the relationship of land use and careless waste disposal to the quality of the groundwater is gathered and reported. It’s time for state legislators to spend some time reading and understanding all the previous and current cautionary studies that warn us of the damage happening to our groundwater. Ask your elected officials to become informed on this issue and work with an open mind to bring about a real solution. Even if farmers and environmentalists can find common ground to make positive changes, nothing will change until laws are updated to deal with the scope of today’s problems.


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  1. You hit on a most important issue for all of us no matter where in the USA we live. Thanks for encouraging action! Mary B.


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