Water sampling project begun

A comprehensive water sampling project was launched Monday, September 24 to establish a baseline of data to be used in evaluating existing and future water quality in Kewaunee County. Regular monthly samples will be taken by Kewaunee Cares volunteers in locations representing three of the four major watershed areas in Kewaunee County; the Kewaunee River, Ahnapee River and East Twin River.

The people who will be taking the water samples have been trained by Wisconsin DNR staff in the WAV (Water Action Volunteer) protocol to assure reliable test results. Samples will be analyzed by a certified laboratory for E. Coli and total Coliform bacteria, nitrates and total phosphorus. Additional water quality assessments will be made by sampling for macroinvertebrates as well as water flow and turbidity (clarity).

In addition to the regular monthly sampling, samples will be taken following major rain events and other catastrophic events including manure/chemical spills, failed septic systems and sewage overflows to see how these events affect our water quality. To alert us of specific events, contact our sampling staff at kewauneecares4u@gmail.com.

Funding to cover costs associated with sample collection and analysis is provided by the Clean Water Action Council. Results of this testing project will be posted on this blog site and updated as necessary.


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