Dinner on the Farm — Feeding the Soul of Environmental Stewardship

Chef Kyle Cross, of Appleton prepares the first course of honeycomb and cheese at Saturday’s Dinner on the Farm hosted by Lynn and Nancy Utesch at Guardian of the Fields Farm in Kewaunee. The farm to table event, organized by Fresh Local Foods of DePere, featured  locally grown foods and wine and introduced those attending to Kewaunee Cares.

Kewaunee Cares thanks all who attended for their support of this event and our efforts to promote responsible stewardship of the land, air, water and animal resources in Kewaunee County.

Fred Depies of Fresh Local Foods of DePere explains to those attending the Dinner on the Farm that maintaining our local resources is vital to providing a sustainable, wholesome and healthy supply of locally grown and sourced food products. Kewaunee Cares is working to increase community awareness of and involvement in maintaining clean air and water in Kewaunee County.


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One response to “Dinner on the Farm — Feeding the Soul of Environmental Stewardship

  1. The meal was wonderful and eating it was a joy since I knew it was provided from local organic sources and knowing that bovine growth hormone (BGH), herbicides, pesticides and antibiotic residues and were NOT part of the menu. This knowledge made me very happy and gave the taste buds a real treat.
    Thank you Kewaunee Cares for showing a new direction for Kewaunee County for those who truly care.


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