Senator Lasee’s Response to Open Letter Underwhelms

An open letter to Senator Frank Lasee (posted on Sept. 20) addressed seven main areas of concern about the scope of expansion on CAFOs in Kewaunee County. When asked for his response, the following letter was tendered as his attempt to address the real concerns of his constituents. Read for yourself the scanned copy of his actual letter and see if you too are underwhelmed by his understanding of the CAFO issue and his degree of concern for the health of people living in the area he represents.

Senator Lasee, the cut and paste response put together by your assistant doesn’t show that you’ve spent any time thinking about the content of the letter sent to you. Please try again.



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3 responses to “Senator Lasee’s Response to Open Letter Underwhelms

  1. Jerry

    Senator Lasee’s commentary really reflects how out of touch the Senator is with the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations in HIS district. While it is tauted as a fact that these factories are under stringent regulations, the truth is they are also the LEAST enforced. Seems like we should feel grateful that we don’t have as many Cafo’s as neighboring states. The dumbed down response, that “certainly…the smell is…annoying”, is a downright insult to those of us concerned about air and water quality in our county, and the threats to human health. So glad Senator, that you reflect total indifference and ignorance towards the small farmers that have been put out of business by this corporate, industrial model, that likes to save gas by traveling to less farms. Oh the foolishness of watching the local towns die as our hardware stores, cooperatives, feed mills, implement dealers longer exist because the rural landscape is now ruled by the few hogs that destroy our natural resources, outsource services, and feed off the tax dollars of the very communities whose fate they disregard.


  2. Senator Lasee and Assemblyman Bies and many others all fall into the same category. That category is “show me the money” and I will be your champion.
    Until a more functional governmental system is developed that is based on principles of good governance, ethics, and leadership, there will always be the Lasee/Bies model .
    Meanwhile, we can only depend on the good folks that truly care to get the ball rolling towards a worthwhile and someday permanent change.


  3. Julie

    It’s not a matter of “getting along” or that “certainly the smell is annoying”–both are patronizing statements to residents of Kewaunee County. The real issue is that the DNR is not enforcing laws that are in place and every day we see flagrant abuses of the regulations that govern CAFOs. The real issues are water pollution in an environment that can’t handle so much manure, air pollution, devaluation of residential property, tearing up of roads, animal cruelty and both the inordinate size of CAFOs and number of CAFOS which are concentrated in this county. If CAFOs are so good for Wisconsin and “necessary for Wisconsin” then all the other counties would be scrambling to get several of them or they should do their civic duty by sharing in the burden of having them. We don’t allow other kinds of factories to destroy our air and water. Remember, these are really concentrated animal FACTORIES, not family farms as they want to be perceived.


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