One if by land, two if by sea, three if by air, what’s next for me?

When Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

wrote Paul Revere’s Ride

he hadn’t a clue

how his words would reside

on a blog in the future

that tries for the scoop

on all of the problems

caused by cow poop.

We’ve seen the land slathered

and well water tainted,

not the best picture

for tourists we’ve painted.

So now through the air

comes threats to our health

from animal factories

that build corporate wealth.

Please read for yourself

both chapters and verses

how antibiotics

don’t rule over MRSAs,

those bugs who resist

and just keep on breeding

and make us real sick

from what we are breathing.

Go to the link

at the end of this prose,

you’ll read the accounts

of people who chose

to live in the country

right next to a farm

that poisons air and water

and does their lives harm.

Now that you’re thinking

about a solution

it might just be time

for a new revolution

that stops all pollution

without any exceptions

to protect our resources

from corporate deceptions.



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3 responses to “One if by land, two if by sea, three if by air, what’s next for me?

  1. Nancy

    Well said, well written, and well received!!!l


  2. Bill

    Hats off to the author of this poem. The message is clear and very chillingly accurate and conveys a powerful message with a well worded poetic rhythm.
    Please, to all who read this, help Kewaunee Cares spread the word as to the very real danger that is lurking in our air, water, soil and last but not least, our economic well being.

    A recent study by the Crossroads Resource Center clearly shows the loss of economic viability to NE Wisconsin. Large factory farms and monoculture commodity systems actually erode jobs and local economies by removing commodity trading systems far from the area of production. This results in a gradual erosion of quality of life and is a major driver of young people out of our area with the future result that factory style agriculture will potentially expand more aggressively.

    Can we expect Hog or Chicken factory farms in our future? Will our government ever step up to the home plate of responsibility to serve all its citizens with respect to a safe environment, health, welfare and the right to an economic future?
    More to come on this later………………..



  3. This is a great poem….who is the author?


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