Tips Are Appreciated

If you work in a service industry you know how important tips are to your financial well-being. In the business of maintaining a healthy environment, tips are equally important. It’s a different kind of tip though. We’ve said it before, (see the March, 2012 post You Make The Call) if you see something happening that violates your sense of well-being around where you live, work or even recreate in the county, call in your TIP to authorities. You don’t personally have to go put out a fire or clean up a stream, but you should let the DNR know about situations that threaten the air and water quality in your area.
1.  Report violations on the DNR tipline 1-800-tip-wdnr/1-800-847-9367
2.  Call the local warden, Dave Allen at 920-412-2267. This is a second source of documenting your TIP.
3.  Take pictures.  Pictures complete and add authenticity to your claims.
4.  Keep a journal.  Even if your record is as simple as the calendar you use, write down the day, hour, who you contacted, and what was occurring.
5.  Follow up on your call. Ask for the open record that reveals your complaint/ and what response took place.
6.  Keep your documentation, photos, and reports for yourself in a file
7.  Try to organize a “neighborhood watch”  in your area to keep an eye on your community and its natural resources, and any issues that may need to be addressed.
As always, thank you for caring enough to take action.

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