GMO Labeling Proposition Fails in California Vote

Lead by Monsanto and DuPont — both who manufacture and sell genetically modified seeds — agribusinesses and food companies spent $41.3 million on ads to convince California voters that labeling food products containing genetically engineered seeds is a bad idea.  It appears to have worked, garnering a 53% NO vote in last week’s elections. Still, over 4 million California voters  (47%) supported Prop. 37. Despite being outspent 5 to 1 on this effort, supporters vow to continue educating the public about how “Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are linked to allergies, organ toxicity, and other health problems.”



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2 responses to “GMO Labeling Proposition Fails in California Vote

  1. Lisa

    Immediately after the election, word was that proposition 37 lost, when in reality, the vote count was only in its earlier stages, and it could not be determined yet what the breakdown was. Was 37 killed prematurely? The fine folks in California have taken to labeling GMO foods themselves–The label shows a skull and 2 pieces of GMO corn for the cross bones! My grocery list has changed as I have now crossed off the list any of the natural/organic producers who supported killing 37 and our right to food labeling…and knowing what exactly it IS that we are consuming!


  2. Smitty

    Thank god for California. That state seems to set the pace for the rest of the nation to follow.
    I hope the GMO labeling initiative brings forward a nationwide movement before we become a GMOed species with overwhelming medical problems.


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