Honoring friendship

On November 29, 2012 many of us associated with Kewaunee Cares lost a very dear friend, Gregg Siebert. Gregg shared an underlying love and respect of nature and brought a grounding perspective to conversations about stewardship, activism and politics.  He enjoyed being involved as much as his physical energy would allow, most recently as part of Kewaunee Care’s water testing team. Most of all he was a friend in the truest sense of the word.

While you may not have known Gregg, his passing reminds us to treasure the people in our lives who make us laugh, keep us honest and authentic, and encourage us to live life simply, creatively and with love.

_DSC0050Gregg Siebert

November 20, 1955 – November 29, 2012


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One response to “Honoring friendship

  1. Sandy Winnemueller

    I didn’t know Gregg well but really appreciated his passion and enthusiasm for protecting the environment. Last year he came out to protest against the expansion of the Kinnard’s CAFO even though he was recovering from surgery, the weather was cold, damp and crappy. Most healthy people who should have been out there protesting, were holed up in their homes trying to stay warm instead, but not Gregg.
    He was out there with his cane and his sign. Good guy.
    We’ll certainly miss his presence on our side of this fight. Thanks Gregg! I salute you.


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