Great Lake Expectations

A grant was awarded to the University of Wisconsin-Extension to study the groundwater that flows into the Mink River estuary in Door County.  The estuary is a wetland where water from the Mink River mixes with Lake Michigan that provides habitat for numerous plants and animals, including some endangered species. From the study a flow model will help determine where the groundwater comes from, how quickly it flows and what it flows through.

Maureen Muldoon, associate professor of geology at University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, works on the project and says to think of the estuary like it’s a hose filling a swimming pool. You can’t protect the pool (Lake Michigan) without protecting the water that’s filling it up. “You need to think about where that water is coming from,” Muldoon said.

The water testing being done by Kewaunee Cares has similar goals. By evaluating the water that enters the major rivers in Kewaunee County we’ll be able to show the ongoing water quality that ends up in Lake Michigan.


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