And In Conclusion…

The following paragraph comes from the EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA) in their 2009 Clean Water Act Action Plan. A link to the entire report is provided below. Let’s hope in 2013 we’ll finally see some action in Kewaunee County where it is desparately needed.

To help meet this country’s expectation that the waters that sustain us are clean and safe, EPA must revamp its enforcement and compliance program to focus it on the most significant sources of water pollution and the most significant violations from those facilities. Our water pollution problems cannot be solved through enforcement alone, as we still do not have effective rules for many of the threats to clean water. But enforcement can make a significant difference in improving water quality and upholding our commitments to the rule of law and transparency in government. Through this Plan, enforcement will work hand-in-hand with water quality standards and permits to protect the environment and the American public. We will hold states, and ourselves, to a higher standard of performance. And we will make information about threats to clean water, violations, and enforcement actions available to the public. This information will serve as a powerful ally in encouraging businesses to do better, and giving the public the tools to demand greater compliance and accountability from the regulated community. 

Clean Water Act Action Plan (PDF)


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  1. Bill

    I agree with every premise of the Clean Water Action Plan.
    However, the toughest act for the EPA and citizens who CARE is to start the ball rolling with fair but tough implementation of enforcement for the good of all BEFORE we reach a crisis state of unimaginable dimensions.


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