Threat Of Manure Runoff Is High

A January thaw and forecasted rain adds up to a high threat of manure runoff contaminating streams, rivers and lakes in the state.

It was interesting to see that today’s Door County Daily News’ online newspaper featured the runoff risk advisory map in their article warning residents of Door and Kewaunee County of the threat. When such a threat is evident farmers should not be applying any manure to frozen and snow-covered fields. In fact, it’s stipulated in the WPDES nutrient management program that is supposed to regulate when manure can be applied.

Kewaunee County residents have reported to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources that significant amounts of manure were applied on top of snow-covered fields recently. The response to the reported violation was indifferent and no action was taken by the DNR.

Look at the runoff forecast map for the next few days. Any new applications of manure now would certainly be in direct violation of a state permit and should be reported to the DNR. Please keep your eyes open this winter and report any illegal spreading. More importantly, keep your own records of manure applications to frozen, snow-covered fields and let Kewaunee Cares know of these locations so our water testing crew can monitor streams in your area for contamination.


It is apparent that individual citizens will need to step up in doing some of the work the DNR should be doing. That means observing, documenting, photographing and reporting suspected violations. The more eyes that are watching may prevent a violation from happening.

Thank you for being concerned about the health of the resources and the people in Kewaunee County.


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  1. Craig

    Will our strange weather leave us even more vulnerable to run-off problems year ’round? The bright red map you have featured certainly shows all the indications of “warning up ahead”. Thank you for this valuable information. Again, look, document, and be proactive with these issues in your community. Silence is a form of consent.


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