Reporting Pollution Violations in Door County

People in Door County have been asking for contact information for reporting pollution violations including illegal burning, faulty septic systems or agricultural spills and runoff in their county. Wisconsin DNR Warden Chris Kartch can be reached at 920-746-2871. In the Baileys Harbor area, contact Warden Mike Neil at 920-839-9687.

Expanding the community of people who watch for dirty air and water is important to keep the quality of life we enjoy in both counties the reason that brings thousands of tourists here each year.


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One response to “Reporting Pollution Violations in Door County

  1. Pete

    Be very aware of manure runoff now that we have warm winter weather and the road ditches are filled. Now is the time to take water samples for analysis and documentation.
    Contact your DNR representative and demand sampling if you see something that is highly suspicious or take your own samples if you have the know-how.
    Please help protect our rivers, streams and Lake Michigan from massive manure runoff, especially near Factory Farms.


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