Report Fortifies Sustainability

“The numbers are in, and the full costs of unsustainable agriculture to a local community (and Nature’s bottom line) have been put on the table, and the community (and Nature) has won!” — Landen Consulting

The release of their latest Ecosystem Services Valuation report, Milking Nature’s Bottom Line, gives sustainability advocates powerful new tools for advancing the public dialogue on sustainability in local communities. The full-cost-accounting approach used in the study allows local decision makers and policymakers to more thoroughly understand the entire range of environmental and social impacts that a current or planned project is having or may have on a local community or region.

Read the blog:

Read the report Landen, E., Propen, D. (2012) Milking Nature’s Bottom Line: A Full-Cost-Accounting of Proposed CAFO Operations in Jo Daviess County, Illinois Landen Consulting at the link provided below:

Read the Summary for Policy Makers:


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One response to “Report Fortifies Sustainability

  1. Eric Landen has done us a great favor by showing us from a business perspective why mega dairies are parasites and devalue qualities that are priceless and should be made available to all.
    This report was made based on a single mega dairy proposal for Jo Daviess Co. IL. At this time the mega dairy is gone due to 5 years of citizens banding together to undo “the done deal”.


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