Protest of Dairy Expansion Gets Traction in the Snow

While the Dairy Business Association held its Dairy Expansion Symposium inside the KI Center in Green Bay Tuesday, protesters organized by Kewaunee Cares carried their messages in the snow outside. The bottom line to be taken from the protest is that expansion of the dairy industry, especially in northeast Wisconsin, isn’t sustainable or responsible. While Dairy Industry spokesmen cautioned not to take the word expansion too literally, it’s exactly the root of many problems affecting communities in Kewaunee County, including damage to roads, contamination of wells, decline of healthy aquatic habitats for trout and other fish and loss of property values.

During the protest, Green Bay’s Channel 5 News did interviews and shot video footage to assemble their take on the story from both sides of the issue. Here’s a link to their story.





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One response to “Protest of Dairy Expansion Gets Traction in the Snow

  1. Sandy Winnemueller

    It was a very good day despite the blowing snow, subzero wind chill and the rude comments from the dairy CAFO owners driving past. The news coverage was wonderful!

    These polluters can run but they can’t hide! The rest of the community is catching on. Their days are numbered, they just have not figured that out yet.


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