Billboard Campaign Launched


Traveling south of Algoma a few miles on Route 42, you’ll see the latest billboard installation aimed to draw attention to the health hazards of manure application through spray irrigation systems. The practice is relatively new to this area. Liquid manure can contain any of 150 known pathogens*, including anthrax, E.Coli bacteria and MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), that can impact human health.

Application of liquid manure from animal factories already poses a substantial health risk to the water supply — 30.1 % of wells tested in Kewaunee County are contaminated with nitrates and E. Coli bacteria. If allowed, spraying of liquid manure will also threaten the air we all breathe.

Sources of infection from pathogens include fecal-oral transmission, inhalation, drinking water, or incidental water consumption during recreational water activities. The potential for transfer of pathogens among animals is higher in confinement, as there are more animals in a smaller amount of space. Healthy or asymptomatic animals may carry microbial agents that can infect humans, who can then spread that infection throughout a community, before the infection is discovered among animals.*

It’s not too late to voice your opposition to this dangerous practice by some area animal factories. According to the minutes of the February meeting of the Town of Pierce, discussion of a potential ordinance, by the Town of Pierce, banning the use of spray irrigation for manure application will probably be addressed at their April meeting.  Watch for notice of this meeting and please attend to show your support of such an ordinance.

If you are unable to attend, please contact any of the Town of Pierce supervisors below:

Chairman………………….Brian Paplham

                                                E5304 First Road., Kewaunee, WI 54216


Supervisor………………..Kurt Burmeister

                                                N5226 State Road 42, Kewaunee, WI 54216


Supervisor………………..Victor Knapmiller

                                                N4540 Hwy. 42, Kewaunee, WI 54216


*Source: Understanding Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and Their Impact on Communities, 2010, National Association of Local Boards of Health

Note: If interested, here is a link to the complete publication sourced above.



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5 responses to “Billboard Campaign Launched

  1. Lia Montgomery

    This is the most beautiful negative ad I have ever seen! Keep up the good work KC!!


  2. Nancy

    Agriculture and its agents love to present their “Sound Science”. The real science here is alarming and not debatable. In light of what we know about the 150 different pathogens, viruses and bacterias we would be exposed to through spray irrigation of manure, and the growing knowledge that the public has about anti-biotic resistant diseases and the health threats they pose to the public, we find both the DNR and DATCAP negligent and indifferent to rural Wisconsinites who feel that they are recklessly endangering public health…our homes…our babies…and the biggie, THE ECONOMY. DATCAP and DNR’s argument of “spoon-feeding crops”, does not take precedence over my family and our health…


  3. Sandy Winnemueller

    Excellent billboard. Direct, factual and to the point. I heard a story on NPR today which said that doctors and researchers are frightened about the superbugs that are now showing up in the hospitals. These bugs are resistant to several different classes of antibiotics which is not good, and what is ever worse is that they can transfer that ability to resist multiple antibiotics to other kinds of bacteria that they may come into contact with. When you consider how many kinds of virulent, dangerous bacteria, viruses and fungi that they grow in manure pits o these factory farms, now realize that many of them have grown resistant to antibiotics that they have been floating around in, then spray that combination out into the air as a fine mist that we can breathe in every day. You have a recipe for a potential unmitigated health catastrophe.
    The risks increase with the number of cows that these CAFO’s put on their land. That manure has to go somewhere. Kinnard’s plans to build that 86 million gallon manure pit in Lincoln Township has already caused 4 families with small kids to leave town with another very likely to follow soon. Is that what we want? For all the young families to leave? Because that is what is happening.


  4. Terry

    This is scary stuff. Even if there is a slight chance of contamination. Why would we gamble with our water. Terry


  5. In Yakima County, WA State, we have over 300,000 cows, over 90 CAFOs, polluted water and air. EPA found nitrates of one 190 in a diary well. We had “Mad Cow ” case. Local government has refused to help citizens. Even the Health Dept. does not care. Cut CAFO subsidies.


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