With a Little Help from Our Friends

The Cornucopia Institutue has been a huge supporter of the efforts by Kewaunee Cares to promote the concepts of stewardship and sustainability. Most recently, they added a post on their Facebook page about the billboard we’ve placed on the harmful effects spray irrigation of manure. That’s probably why when we posted the billboard image on our Facebook page it went viral within hours.

Thank you Cornucopia Institute for your help with some of the heavy lifting. Here’s a little bit about this influential national organization. Keep in touch with them through their website and Facebook page.

The Cornucopia Institute (www.cornucopia.org) is a national food and farm policy research group working on issues concerning organic and sustainable food and agriculture.  Our mission is to defend economic justice for the family-scale farming community.  We act as a government and corporate watchdog.  We work diligently to preserve local food and organics as an ecological stewardship alternative that supports sustainable rural communities.

Founded in April 2004, Cornucopia’s core membership comes from the farm community and their urban/organic consumer allies.  Although we have a national focus, our roots are deeply planted in the Upper Midwest, where Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan represent the largest concentration and greatest diversity of organic farms in the country (and the majority of our individual and co-op members).  We strive to equip farmers and consumers with organizing tools that will protect, defend, and expand sustainable food, local food, and the organic community.

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  1. Abby

    To have this watchdog organization right here in Cornucopia, Wisconsin is awesome. If you follow Cornucopia, you will see that they are fighting very hard to keep the integrity in Organics, and are protecting consumers through their advocacy. Their “secret weapon”, is, refreshingly enough, “the truth”. The reason they are MY #1 organization to support? I love that they walk with a big stick and know how to use it. It’s refreshing to see real “action” behind an organization a part from all of the lip service and inertia in so many organizations. Right here in Wisconsin. Wisconsinites should be proud, and support this very worthy organization.


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