Can’t Argue With This




May 9, 2013 · 9:27 pm

4 responses to “Can’t Argue With This

  1. Frank

    This billboard says it all! After checking the water testing results performed by Kewaunee Cares volunteers and the high levels of Fecal Coliform Bacteria and E.Coli recorded throughout the county, it becomes very clear we have serious environmental degradation and a major public health threat right here in Kewaunee County!
    Where is our County Health Department and what are they doing to protect citizens? What is our County Board doing to protect its citizens?
    We need answers and action from our elected representatives and we need them sooner than later.


  2. tom konop

    It is to bad that so much talent and time is spent on chasing manure buggies, etc when the real problem in the county is almost totally ignored. Runoff and sedimentation are the real problems. Nutrients in our streams come along with soil particles that are eroded from the land. Nutrients come from manure, commercial fertilizers, and natural sources. Having Dairy operations in the county requires grass and alfafla in our crop rotations giving our soil protection from runoff occurrences. Imagine if our agricultural crops were beets, carrots, beans, corn. There would be much more erosion..



  3. Nancy Utesch

    I agree with you Tom. Crop rotations that include alfalfa and grasses would be great–the majority of crops are corn and soybeans which do the same things as beets,carrots, and beans. These farms need to put in conservation measures–hedgerows, tree lines, buffer strips and grassed waterways. These used to looked upon as good stewardship practices. Making another row to dispose of manure has taken precedence over the big picture of the whole eco-system. The industry loves to proclaim that it is feeding the world. There are a lot of unfed people, right now, globally, and in the United States. The real problems we will face in “feeding the world” in the future will deal with soil depletion, aquifer depletion/contamination, and climate change.


    • Frank

      Consider the hundreds of millions of acres cleared of trees, native grasses and untold species of plants and animals that already have been sent into extinction! This pattern continues due to outdated agricultural practices in a changing world environment.
      Monocultures of GMO’d Corn, Soybeans and Alfalfa are “run through” animals who then “feed the world” is a cruel hoax!
      We need a return to biodiversity and a return to working with the timeless powers of nature and not treating land, air, and water like a conquering mindless army on the march.
      Training young people to go back to the land using permaculture, biodiversity, and less reliance on machinery and fossil fuel and NOT using the aquifers as a sewage disposal system would be a very good new model to follow before a changing environment creates havoc for every living thing…This model of agriculture would create many jobs for young people who will then be part of a “New Deal” for the environment and planet with greater human health as a added bonus!


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