Did You Know?

One cow produces as much waste as 18 humans. Wisconsin has a total of 3.4 million cattle. Using the ratio of 1:18, the state’s cow population produces as much waste as 61.2 million people.

• Tokyo, Japan has 37.6 million people. Mexico City, Mexico has 21.0 million people. In comparison then, Wisconsin’s cow population produces more waste than these two cities combined.

Extent of runoff pollution: • 75% of Wisconsin’s lakes have some degree of runoff impact • 40% of Wisconsin’s streams have some degree of runoff impacts • Many of Wisconsin’s aquifers have been degraded by infiltrating runoff pollutants • Largest contributor of runoff is agriculture

Sources of Agricultural Runoff: • Eroding crop fields • Feedlot Runoff • Nutrients/pesticides • Eroding Streambanks • Manure

Affects of Agricultural Runoff: • Sedimentation • Turbidity • Algal blooms and eutrophication • Heavy metals • Organics • Thermal pathology • Hydrologic pathology • Ecological disruption • Pathogens • Fishkills • Hypoxia

Facts about Wisconsin’s waters: • 44,000 miles of streams • 15,000 lakes • 100 warm water fish species • 59 cold water fish species • 5 million wetland acres • 1.2 quadrillion gallons of ground water

(Source: Presentation by Gordon Stevenson, retired–Wisconsin DNR, at June 13, 2013 Water Quality Forum sponsored by Kewaunee Cares, Clean Water Action Council, Trout Unlimited-Green Bay Chapter, League of Conservation Voters and Round River Alliance)


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  1. Nancy Utesch

    Is it getting safe to say that Wisconsin is the Manure State, producing dairy on the side. The facts and figures you present here are astounding, and should be a major concern knowing that manure is a toxic soup of antibiotics, hormones, barn cleaners and their chemical makeup, industrial wastes of paunch(slaughtered animals stomach contents), blood, hair, sludge, and municipal wastes, human waste and sludge from local sewage districts. It’s high time that the vast structures(lagoons), animal units, toxic industrial and municipal wastes, and toxic lagoon wastes, receive the stringent regulations, enforcement, and oversight that is long over-due in this industry. This most regulated, least enforced entity– America’s Industrial model of Agriculture– these Animal Factories– should have requirements for its waste to be treated, just as human waste must be treated.


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