Wisconsin Factory Farm to Pay Six Figure Penalty to State

A stipulation entered in Kewaunee County Circuit Court on September 12, 2013 resulted in $100,000 in fines levied against Keith Duescher, owner of the former “Legendairy Farms” CAFO. After nearly ten years of violations which subjected neighbors, wetlands, and Lake Michigan to manure runoff contamination and toxic emissions, the defendant (Duescher) has stipulated to the facts in evidence and the fine levied by the State of Wisconsin.

Read the entire press release:  Factory Farm Settlement Press Release



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3 responses to “Wisconsin Factory Farm to Pay Six Figure Penalty to State

  1. Mike

    You should stop picking on family farmers. They work hard to feed all of us, often living at poverty wage. The average farm family, after feed costs, taxes, and other farm costs, makes less then $30,000 a year.


  2. Scott Kliment

    There’s an interesting little NGO, based in Washington DC, called the Environmental Working Group. Big Agri-Biz has been trying to KO them since 1993 and they haven’t landed a single punch because EWG always has their facts right before they go public with anything. As per EWG’s numbers, during the years he was pillaging the Town of Pierce, Duescher sucked up $525,662.04 in Federal Subsidies. In plain English; YOUR MONEY! Check out the subsidy data base on EWG’s website (ewg.org). It’s all extracted from public record.


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