Rural Health Forum Speaker Roster Announced

Among the many important issues you hear about each day, perhaps none is more critical to you personally than maintaining good health and quality of life for you and your family. At issue in rural Wisconsin and other states is the dilemma of promoting an agricultural model that is rewarded for industrial scale expansion with reduced enforcement of regulations meant to control the air and water pollution such expansion causes. Nowhere in the state is this dilemma more evident than in Northeast Wisconsin where industrial agriculture operations have replaced family farms, displaced neighbors from their homes, discouraged new business development and significantly contributed to contamination of natural resources meant for the benefit of all.

On Saturday, November 16 Kewaunee CARES and the Clean Water Action Council of Northeast Wisconsin will assemble a powerful roster of speakers to address the health and social issues of the Rural Health Dilemma. The event will be held at the Stone Harbor Resort in Sturgeon Bay. To register, send an email to (with Health Forum in the Subject line) requesting an online registration form. The registration fee is $35 per person and reservations should be made by November 7.

See the summary of topics to be discussed below:

Microsoft Word - Speaker Roster.docx


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