Precision Nutrient Application?

If there was any doubt, these recent photos from area citizens graphically show the cause and effect relationship between liquid manure application and stream contamination. When manure is applied so carelessly on sloping ground that’s already saturated by rain, “nutrient management” becomes plain old dumping. Combine that with Fall plowing in the direction of the slope, you’re witnessing total ignorance or disregard (or both) of best land management practices. Scarborough Creek (shown below) was once a trout stream and now a stream loaded with sediment and contaminants from agricultural runoff. Whose responsible? A. The factory farm owner? B. The manure applicator? C. The DNR who shuns it’s duty to protect our waters? Or D., every citizen who allows this to continue without demanding immediate response by elected officials? The answer is  E., all of the above.




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