An Opinion About CAFOs

The June, 2014 issue of ACRES magazine includes an opinion piece written by Nancy Utesch, a local Kewaunee County citizen and farmer. With this and other op ed pieces, Nancy has voiced the concerns of many regarding the quality of life and health living near CAFOs. Her words have reached many locally, regionally and nationally bringing greater awareness of the challenges of protecting our air, water and land.

ACRES opinion article

Read the entire article, provided with permission of ACRES, at the link below.




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2 responses to “An Opinion About CAFOs

  1. Hank

    Nancy’s heart felt editorial does an excellent job of summarizing the issues associated with having so many animals in such small spaces. The amounts of pollution and erosion we see today represent an unprecedented challenge. The agencies charged with overseeing the public interest, have been overlooking it. We have to do a much better job of stewardship of our land… our soil, water, and air. We owe it to our grandchildren.


  2. Wayne Borowitz

    Thank you for a truthful and informative article. I live just west of Kewaunee County in Brown County close to the Neshota Park.I see the incredible negative impact of the CAFO model daily. Most of the fields around my home are crop farmed either by the CAFO’s themselves or people who are being subsidized by the US Government to “Farm” for the CAFO’s and sell the crops produced directly to them. It’s like a war zone with semi’s and huge equipment being operated on the fields and roadways. Not to mention the indiscriminate pesticide application over people’s homes, yards, animals, and the people themselves using huge spray rigs and yes, even aerial application that is used in winds that are over 10 to 15 miles an hour. When I would point out how they are applying pesticides in ways that are in direct conflict with the State rules I am told that people like me are why “Farmers” are losing money. All I have said is that if they drift pesticide over my home I will videotape them and report it as I grow much of my own food and have chickens as well. No one informed me when we bought the property four years ago that we could be denied the right to have a garden and raise a few chickens because of this “trespass behavior” that you point out so well in your article.There seems to be no stopping it, as the same local/county/state officials are promoting this behavior instead of enforcing the few laws that remain on the books. People may choose to ignore this for a while, but I believe that in time, all the citizens of Wisconsin will understand the true cost of this behavior.
    Air, Water, and Food are three things that every human needs no matter who we are or what our financial status is. Money is important, but not as important as these three!
    Thanks again Nancy, for speaking the truth.


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