Industrial Agriculture—too costly for the Earth

“Globalized industrialized food is not cheap: it is too costly for the Earth, for the farmers, for our health. The Earth can no longer carry the burden of groundwater mining, pesticide pollution, disappearance of species and destabilization of the climate. Farmers can no longer carry the burden of debt, which is inevitable in industrial farming with its high costs of production. It is incapable of producing safe, culturally appropriate, tasty, quality food. And it is incapable of producing enough food for all because it is wasteful of land, water and energy. Industrial agriculture uses ten times more energy than it produces. It is thus ten times less efficient.”
― Vandana Shiva — Author of Stolen Harvest, Earth Democracy, Water Wars, Soil Not Oil, Biopiracy, Staying Alive, Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed, The Violence



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2 responses to “Industrial Agriculture—too costly for the Earth

  1. Dr. William E. Iwen

    Finally, the truth is coming out and ringing across the U.S.
    This is a good beginning and let us all “roll up our sleeves” and get to work to slow the “tidal wave” of Industrial Food Animal Production (CAFOs) and all other forms of industrialized agriculture before this agricultural model irreversibly damages the earth’s life support systems and all life dependent on it.
    Dr. William E. Iwen


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