“Better things come from people coming together”

Bobbi, who lives just north of Algoma, shared this note most recently on our efforts here in northeast Wisconsin in addressing some of the serious environmental issues we are facing. I think Bobbi’s simple note speaks volumes and I wanted to share her words with others.

Here is what Bobbi wrote:

“When people come together anything is possible. Communicating and networking with our neighbors, not only for prosperity, but for the strength in numbers. I used to think that being a loner was ok, [which I could easily be]. It’s not ok; it puts us at risk.”

“Better things come from people coming together.”

Thank you Bobbi, and everyone who has “come together” for the common cause of the collected wealth of our community and protection of our natural resources. Our strength is in numbers, Bobbi is right—

“Better things come from people coming together”.




Thank you!

Kewaunee CARES   Citizens Advocating Responsible Environmental Stewardship


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