The billboards are gone but the threat remains


While the billboards expressing our concerns about spray irrigation of manure have now been taken down, the threat of this practice still remains in our community. As many of you may already know, Pagel’s Ponderosa CAFO is seeking permitting of this practice, and proposed permitting is already in the works at the DNR. Others are certainly to follow.

It is a travesty that our health department has declared that it is “seeking guidance from the DNR on the practice of spray irrigation of manure”. The DNR’s former deputy Secretary Matt Moroney stated that the DNR “is no longer a strong advocate one way or another” for the environment…an agency which “collaborates” with industry…

The next two dates for the Kewaunee Health department committee meetings are February 8th, and March 14–noon.

At the March meeting Cindy Kinnard has asked Becky Larson from UW Madison to speak. Becky is a engineer, and strong advocate for this practice, and the industry. At the 2 symposiums on manure irrigation which many attended in Stevens Point and Menasha, one thing Becky pointed out is “that transmission of pathogens through airborne routes is unknown and controversial”.

Apart from that, a health professional should be addressing citizen concerns on the Health and the practice of spray irrigation of manure, not an engineer.

In a community already inundated with unprecedented amounts of slurry land spread, it is unfathomable that a new form of disposal–aerosolizing manure into our ambient air–is even being considered.

The Cumulative effects of what is already going on in our county– with contamination of 34% of our tested wells– should be a huge factor in this discussion, and the human health threats we are already aware of regarding manure reduced into particulate droplets which are easily ingested and inhaled.

The Clean Air Task Force claims, “that among airborne particles, the smallest (fine) particles are of gravest concern because they can be inhaled deeply, absorbed into the bloodstream, and transported to vital organs”. The hazard of these particles in the air come with the increased threats of asthma, COPD issues, heart and pulmonary problems, in addition to the high risk groups of the young, elderly and immune compromised individuals.

The DNR has already noted that drift will be assessed as “droplets felt on one skin, or as seen on a pick-up truck windshield”.

Please put March 14, noon, administration building lower level, on your calendar and please become a supporting voice opposing this practice.

The Health department is responsible for the health and safety of Kewaunee County residents.

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3 responses to “The billboards are gone but the threat remains

  1. Jim Lutzen

    Yes I know what you talking about. This guy Lasee, Kitchens and Walker are all for cutting restriction back so they can pollute.

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  2. According to Becky Larson: “— transmission of pathogens through airborne routes is unknown and controversial”.

    As per the CDC; anthrax, chickenpox, influenza, measles, smallpox, cryptococcus, and tuberculosis, are some of the infectious diseases that can be spread through the air we breathe. Is that the total list? Maybe. But consider; it isn’t transmitted through the air we breathe and it’s been around since I was about two years old. Did you ever hear of Zika Virus before last month? If you knew of it, did you imagine that it could be a problem for your unborn grandkid?

    Is it possible that there might be a few more “Unknowns” in the world of Infectious Killers? If there aren’t, why do we budget Billion$ to find and fight them on both the National and State levels? And why does every one of the “First World” Nations do likewise?

    How perfect are our defenses and how vast is our knowledge? I remember Polio and the epidemic of 1952 because I lived through it right here in Northeast Wisconsin. But two of my little school pals didn’t. Along with over 3,000 other American Kids. I also remember Asian Flu some five years later and the Shawano Hospital. Seventy thousand other Americans didn’t survive that one.

    But of course I’m old and all or that is Ancient History that couldn’t possibly happen in today’s world. Anyone remember Cryptosporidium in Milwaukee? Or Whooping Cough in California? Or the Post 9-11 Anthrax Attack? According to the FBI, it cost us over $1 Billion, killed 5, and sickened 17.

    It’s hard enough for real scientists and medical researchers to stay on top of what’s taking place in the Natural World. But to grow the bacterium that cause these diseases in a “Lagoon” with other chemicals and antibiotics thrown in, and spry the results into the air we breathe? JOSEF “ANGEL OF DEATH” MENGELE WOULD BE PROUD! Anyone who supports this madness is in his “League. And should be treated accordingly.


  3. Scott Kliment

    After I posted yesterday, the CDC confirmed that Zika Virus can be sexually transmitted and we have one case of ST Zika in These United States. Seems I recall reading somewhere (maybe three weeks ago?) that it could NOT be transmitted directly from person to person.

    This disease was discovered 68 years ago and it is obvious that we really don’t know much about it. So what do you suppose is brewing in Kewaunee County’s “Lagoons” that we know very little about? Except that AGRI-GREED is telling us it can be squirted into the air we breathe!


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