CAFOs likely targets for EPA air rules

How can industrial agricultural operations, with emissions that include hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane, particulate matter and VOC’s [volatile organic compounds] —not have strict standards for air quality–like other industries?

Our View: Point source pollution from manure lagoons, digesters, and the facilities themselves should be regulated.

CAFOs likely targets for EPA air rules

Todd Palmer

Todd Palmer

By Sara Bredesen, Regional Editor | stbrede | 0 comments

“We’re at a turn­ing point, and I think that all of the EPA pos­tur­ing and state reg­u­la­tions and lit­i­ga­tion are start­ing to come to a head. I would say that within the next five years you will prob­a­bly see a lot more at­ten­tion paid to this in­dus­try in re­spect to its air is­sues,” Palmer said. “I think you’ll see some pretty ro­bust sets of reg­u­la­tory pro­grams aimed at agri­cul­ture, not only CAFOs but more tra­di­tional agri­cul­tural prac­tices as well.”

“The air-qual­ity is­sues that are as­so­ci­ated with farms are from am­mo­nia gen­er­ated from ma­nure and as chem­i­cal fer­til­izer; par­tic­u­late mat­ter in the form of dust and soot; sul­fur diox­ide and formalde­hyde from com­bus­tion of bio­gas; micro­organ­isms; odor; green­house gases like ni­trous ox­ide and meth­ane; and a group of com­pounds called pre­cur­sor pol­lu­tants, Palmer said. Pre­cur­sor pol­lu­tants are reg­u­lated com­pounds on their own, but when they in­ter­act in the air with other pol­lu­tants, they cre­ate other pol­lu­tants that are also reg­u­lated.”

“EPA is col­lect­ing emis­sion fac­tors for the in­dus­try while en­vi­ron­men­tal groups are try­ing to get courts to force reg­u­la­tory ac­tion on agri­cul­ture,” Palmer said. “All these things, when they start con­verg­ing at the same time, cre­ate this per­fect en­vi­ron­ment where we start see­ing more and more reg­u­la­tion.”


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One response to “CAFOs likely targets for EPA air rules

  1. Scott Kliment

    I’ll be 70 in September and I’ve passed through every petro-chem marine terminal in the United States, Canada, Mexico,and the Caribbean. In all those years, I only experienced two gas leak emergencies and both were Pre-Bhopal (December ‘84).

    Now, I’m supposed to be thankful? That the air on our deck might soon be as safe as the air on the dock at any chemical plant or refinery? And it’s only going to take until I’m 75 TOO ACHIEVE THAT??? This is long overdue. By thirty-one years plus a month and a few days. Obviously, Agri-Greed got a “pass” that not even Carbide was powerful (or greedy) enough to avoid. So pardon me if I lack enthusiasm.


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