Food for Thought -Who Really Feeds the World?

Here is a short video with Vandana Shiva, Indian scholar and environmental activist, titled, “Who Feeds the World?”.

You might be surprised to learn that Industrial Agriculture accounts for only 28% of food grown worldwide, using 75% of the world’s resources, high does of chemical inputs, and excessive amounts of water. Only 10% of corn grown worldwide is for human consumption, the vast majority grown for animal feed and biofuels.

Small farms account for 72% of the world’s food production, and represent biodiversity & food security for our nation.

The soil, air and water where we live are precious resources that cannot continue the burden of monoculture farming that depletes and destroys. The real challenges in “feeding the world” in the future– will result from depleted soils, depleted aquifers, and the changes in our global climate.



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