Department of Health Services Memo on Public Health setbacks for Manure Irrigation


At the spray irrigation of manure presentation with Becky Larson, manure engineer, UW-Madison, and Dr. Rob Thiboldeaux, DHS, Monday, March 14, at the Kewaunee Health Department, this memo was mentioned– but not shared with the public. Here is what the MEMO by Dr. Thiboldeaux stated concerning spray irrigation of manure.

You can view the memo here:

Department of Health Services Memo on Public Health setbacks for Manure Irrigation



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2 responses to “Department of Health Services Memo on Public Health setbacks for Manure Irrigation

  1. I would like to mention a few things about Pivot spraying of manure onto Kewaunee county land…..lets talk about the amount of water that must be used for this practice, some experts have said that over 1MILLION gallons per application….that equals almost 4,250 TONS PER APPLICATION….if this field is 40 acres that will equal just over 106 TONS PER ACRE…..PER ACRE…that’s just over 212,500 POUNDS PER ACRE…..does anybody not understand that the bugs….pathogens….and all the other chemicals used will all travel with the…..WATER….always downhill towards your water supply……cows produce manure…..our problems are with the amount of water used by these mega farms or CAFO’s with these systems…..I want everyone to ask the DNR…U.S. EPA and your COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT….how could they be in favor of any system that would actually help pollute our water system…..gravity will win every time……really…..ask them, they work for you…..! I did not get an answer at the Health Dept. meeting from anyone…..?


  2. The memo was written more than five years ago. So what’s changed since then? Start with Zika Virus. It’s nothing new and has been “known” for nearly 70 years. When it first made its current appearance, one of the “facts” was that it could NOT be spread by direct human-to-human contact. Then, a month ago, we learned that it can be a sexually transmitted disease. IS THERE A BETTER EXAMPLE OF DIRECT HUMAN-TO HUMAN DISEASE TRANSMISSION THAN AN STD??? And since then, the list of what we DON’T know about Zika has grown.

    But Zika is a tropical problem, like dengue fever and malaria. Hardly something we need to concern ourselves with here in Packerland. So what the hell is Elizabethkingia? It’s another KNOWN health problem that popped up right here in Wisconsin back in November. But this time it’s different. Changed? Mutated? Drug resistant? According to Wednesday’s update, no one seems to have those answers yet. And the experts have been on the job for nearly five months!

    But the good news is, it only seems to be fatal in persons over the age of 65 who have had some previous major health problem. Can you think of any Kewaunee County residents who might be past the age of 65? And how could any normal human being get to that age without surviving some form of a “previous major health problem”?

    But of course “Experts” know everything there is to know about the hazards of spraying sh*t into the air we breathe. Wanna’ see a guinea pig up close and personal? Look into a mirror.


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