How Safe are our Rural Roads?

This Roadway Violation took place September 5th, eastward bound on County K in the Town of Pierce, Kewaunee County. While signage of “Be prepared to Stop” and “Men working” was placed on the roadway, no roadway assistance or flagmen were on site to maneuver drivers through conditions including a light rain, a double line no passing zone, and a blind hill. How safe are our rural roadways? Several rollovers involving milk tankers and manure haulers have occurred in northeast Wisconsin– becoming commonplace. Speed is often a factor.

One day prior to this violation a milk truck crashed in our community; luckily no one was injured.
Kewaunee County Comet: Sept. 5

Photo documentation, time/date, and a call to law enforcement resulted in a citation given for this offense.

On September 19th, at the town meeting in Pierce where the violation occurred, Sheriff Matt Joski stated, “We have all been patient and we have educated as much as possible. It is now time to back up our message with action”.

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